Uber Delivery Robots – An Insight into the New Age

Uber Delivery Robots – An Insight into the New Age

Remember when robot or alien invasions seemed to be mysterious in movies and we all questioned ourselves if this would ever be actually possible. Years passed and the science and tech footprint gained more and more strength and we saw machinery and robotics taking a turn where humans conscientiously decided to rely upon those. Until recently robotics were mainly parts of production backends mostly, but now the world has set foot into a completely new dimension of time with Uber launching its delivery robots out on the streets. 

A Little Backstory

Uber acquired rival Postmates X not so long ago and brought forward, and technological scene that hadn’t been witnessed so publicly before. With an investment of likely $50 million, Uber is all set to change the map of conventional delivery services. 

The Robot Tasks

The main task assigned to these robots is deliveries. The deliveries are being carried out over short distances at the moment which will obviously be tested and advanced to cover larger areas over time. Currently, these delivery robots can be seen passing by on the sidewalks of LA, minding their own business, busy making prompt deliveries. 

What Lies In The Future

What Uber is set off to do has many major impacts on what the future of technology or specifically deliveries will look like. With self-driven cars, delivery robots aren’t exactly an abomination but a huge success of scientific and technological efforts. Although this robotic takeover will have its effects on the human workforce and a possible lack of employment for humankind, but the course has already been set for more and more advancements to follow.