Why SaaS is a Better Option than On-Premise Models

Why SaaS is a Better Option than On-Premise Models

While the dependence on technology is rapidly growing, businesses have a constant need to connect and adapt to advancements for their better chances of success. Although adapting to the technological changes might sound easy because that is how the entire world is moving ahead, it requires a lot of critical decision-making prior to setting your business on a particular path. One such important decision is making the choice for your enterprise systems; whether you want to deploy software as a service (SaaS) or personalized on-premise models?

While studies might advocate for both plans, SaaS has proven to be a more substantial method for multiple reasons. 

What do SaaS and On-Premise Systems Mean?

On-premise systems are those that are created and deployed by companies within their own resources and are run on the company’s specific server. The company bears all the legalities and responsibility for the creation and implementation of this system.

On the other hand, SaaS is a system provided to a company by another party over the internet, eliminating the need to manage or maintain the system personally. It is just like outsourcing service from another vendor.

Let’s dig in even further to find out why SaaS is a better option than the on-premise system model.

Zero Maintenance and Operational Hassle for the Company

The SaaS model relieves the company from any maintenance or operational responsibilities. For a very nominal amount of software fee, all the hassle lies on the part of the service provider and the company can simply make use of the benefits it provides. With SaaS, updates, and fixtures are all centralized and are done throughout the company systems at a time. On the contrary with on-premise systems, all such responsibilities are the company’s to bear and take care of.

Cost Saving and Simply Implemented

SaaS is more cost-effective as compared to on-premise software. On-premise software requires high costs for the designing, creation, and implementation of the software which can be otherwise curbed by hiring a SaaS.

Efficient Data Security

Data theft and cybersecurity issues are a constant threat with online software. However, these are ext/ marginalized by deploying a SaaS rather than an on-premise model as SaaS offers secure data centers. 

Easy Accessibility

As SaaS is software available over the internet instead of deployed on company systems, they are accessible from anywhere and on any device making workflow a lot easier and accessible. 


SaaS is comparatively more cost-efficient than on-premise systems because it does not require incurring any initial software creation costs. In addition to this, SaaS also offers capacity expansion without additional costs, eliminates operating costs, or costs incurred due to risks of interruptions or incidents in the system.

Easy Adaptability

SaaS is easy to learn and adapt for employees. In current times, employees prefer remaining engaged with their work through their mobile devices. SaaS makes it possible for them to access work from anywhere on devices they are accustomed to.

SaaS stands to be the preferred mode of software for business for its multiple features. It ensures work continuity through and through by providing the option to use it on various devices. The system is easy to adapt and reduces unnecessary costs for the business; an absolute winner!