About Us


zip24 is Software as a Service (SaaS) platform that provides the opportunity to manage and streamline day-to-day operations for e-commerce businesses. zip24 offers a package of a cloud-based warehouse, delivery management, and ERP system to help businesses in achieving professional excellence. zip24 drives on the purpose of accelerating previously tedious operational tasks. 

With its streamlined automating approach, zip24 provides solutions to facilitate e-commerce businesses through reduced costs and fast-tracked operations. 

E-commerce businesses are mainly dependent on warehouse and delivery management hung in a balance. With zip24, business owners can enhance management in operations such as order forecasting, route optimization, facilitated logistic transactions, order shipping, and end-to-end deliveries and tracking. With such precision in warehouse and delivery management, zip24 is sure to earn your business a great deal of customer satisfaction and loyalty. Due to its 360 degree management, businesses will save on excess expenditures, time, and most importantly there will be no more errors.

zip24 has customers all around the globe. With its headquarters in Dubai UAE, the company has its development and support units in UK, Uzbekistan, and Pakistan. 


Shipox is the delivery management software (DMS) offered to e-commerce business owners by zip24. Shipox is a complete management solution for e-commerce businesses from pickup to delivery. Shipox offers business owners to curtail costs that would have previously been lost to delivery and fulfillment providers. Shipox ensures smooth processing from the point of order creation to delivery. 

The software offers essential features such as real-time tracking of delivery vehicles, white-label and driver app, dispatch and support modules, and COD management. 

Shipox has the purpose of agility and preciseness in operations at its core. The software also provides plug-ins and integration engines connecting different e-commerce operators such as Magento and Shopify. Another feature offered by Shipox is the easy order-drop functionalities including batch/CSV from e-commerce sites, supermarkets, restaurants, and much more. 


The warehouse management software (WMS) Storfox, offered by zip24 serves as an innovative platform to help e-commerce business owners in running their warehouse operations effectively. Storfox is a cloud-based fulfillment engine that helps to forecast orders and logistic transactions, direct, and manage the routine warehouse, retail, order shipping fulfillment, and tracking. 

Storfox is a complete solution for e-commerce, 2nd party logistics, and 3rd party logistics companies requiring advanced warehouse, and fulfillment management. 

The software monitors and controls inventory receiving and put away, regulates picking and shipping of orders, and notifies for inventory replenishment. 

Storfox offers complete inventory and warehouse management aid with pick, pack, ship, and billing support. The software comprises a built-in account management system and generates straightforward invoicing, within the system.