Privacy Policy


In order to deliver the best results for everyone at zip24, we gather and make use of information about you due to reasons as such:

  • Clients using zip24 to empower their business
  • Help customers who shop at a Zip24-powered business
  • To aid partners who develop apps for sellers for efficient usage, in order to build stores on behalf of clients, or provide assistance to clients to function or make their business experience seamless. 
  • Create a boost for visitors to zip24’s website, or anyone contacting Zip24 support

This Privacy Policy is imperative to assist you in understanding how your data is collected, used and shared. Our privacy policies are direct and transparent. In case of any significant change, we’ll update you instantly via Zip24 verified email or Zip24 Dashboard.

Our Values

Trustworthiness is the core value at Zip24. We value our clients’ trusting us to do the best in their interest. Our three chief values guide us as we grow into developing our products and services. These also aim to inform you of our vision and mission. 

  • Complete privacy of your personal information

A careful analysis is performed on the information received and is strictly limited to only what’s needed. Unnecessary or irrelevant information is not stored in our records. Our team members and service providers work closely with our privacy and security teams to come up with the best policies to ensure clients’ satisfaction and privacy. Our guiding principle solely belongs to you and none else. 

  • 3rd Party Information Protection

Information of any sort is not handed over to any 3rd party unless permission is granted by the client or is legally required by the government in which case, we inform in advance unless completely and legally forbidden.

  • We help our clients and customers meet due privacy obligations

Many of our clients and customers using Zip24 do not have the advantage of a dedicated privacy team prior to meeting us, and it is important to us to help them meet their privacy obligations. To do this, we try to build our products and services, so they can easily be used in a privacy-friendly way. By the use of detailed FAQs, documentation and whitepapers covering the most important privacy topics, and prompt responses to privacy-related questions make us stand apart in the industry.

  • Why do we process your information?

In order to carry out a contractual obligation i.e. payment methods for Zip24 delivery management services or relative services. According to European law, these are called “legitimate interests” that include:

  • stopping risk or fraud
  • answering to the questions or any other communication based support
  • helping buyer find and use out app
  • providing and cultivating our services
  • providing reporting and analytics
  • checking out features or additional services
  • backing up with marketing, advertising, etc.

We process information only for these “legitimate interests” while keeping in mind the potential risks to our clients’ privacy i.e. by allowing clear transparency into our privacy practices, offering control over our services as signed the contract upon, holding the necessary information back, to whom the information is shared, for how long it is kept, or the technical measure we take to ensure safety and privacy.

  • Your rights over your information

We strongly believe that the clients should have sole access and control over their personal information no matter where they reside. Depending on how you use Zip24, you will have the ultimate right to request access to, correct, amend, delete, delegate, cancel, track or change the order details or location, etc. No extra or hidden charges are liable on this.

In case of a buyer availing the services of Zip24, they have the complete right over the information about their purchases. The client and the buyer can have direct communication via provided platforms. Zip24 provides the best services in terms of communication for both sides. 

In case of the client or the buyer requesting information that deals on a personal level, we are required to verify the identity which is further discarded right after verification. 

In case of hiring the services of an authorized agent to exercise your rights for you, you are requested to inform us officially via your officially registered number. Mentioning the details of the authorized agent is a must for official record. 

We are always pleased to answer any query to solve any query. If you want to re-request a task or query response in detail, you retain the right to contact your local data protection or privacy authority any time. 

  • Where do we send your information?

Based in the UAE, we deal with individuals and companies across the globe. In case of delivering the best from our business, we may send out some of your personal information to the designated state, province or country. The data will be subjected to the laws of that place. However, we ensure strong data protection before handing over any piece of information. 

  • How do we protect your information?

One of the responsibilities of our team is to ensure integrity and security of our platform. We hire independent auditors who assess the security of our data storage and financial systems that process information for payment purposes. This also comes as no surprise that no method of electronic storage is 100% secure, we do our best to ensure its safety but cannot guarantee absolute security.

  • How do we use “cookies” and other tracking technologies?

The use of “cookies” and similar tracking technologies on our website is enabled while providing out services. For further detail on how we use these technologies and methods, how a client’s store or business detail is put or how to opt out of certain types of cookies, you can visit our website. 

  • How can you reach us?

Reaching us is the easiest. You can request a demo from our website, or can ask us via email (Email address) stating your request or complain about how we process your information and we will be more than glad to get back to you with satisfactory responses. In order to request a legally binding request about a client’s personal information for purposes like subpoena or court order, please review our Guidelines for Legal Requests.