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Smart Delivery Management for Business Growth

Shipox, provided by Zip24, is a comprehensive delivery management software (DMS) tailored for modern business owners. It serves as a full-fledged management solution encompassing all aspects from pickup to delivery and empowers businesses to significantly reduce expenses previously incurred through delivery and fulfillment services. Shipox elevates your logistics with unmatched tracking and visibility. From the first mile to last, monitor every parcel’s journey with precision and real-time tracking.

Smart Warehouse Management for Business Growth

The warehouse management software (WMS) Storfox, offered by zip24 serves as an innovative platform to help business owners maintain inventory accuracy, replenish fast moving items, manage multiple warehouses, and ensure fast and accurate order fulfillment. Storfox is a cloud-based fulfillment engine that helps to forecast orders and logistic transactions, direct, and manage the routine warehouse, retail, order shipping fulfillment, and tracking. Storfox enhances your warehouse operations with unmatched inventory visibility.

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We provide white-labeling option, making the app truly reflective of your unique brand identity. Moreover, we also take care of effective training and on-boarding, and deliver customizable solutions to fit your unique needs.


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Shipox with its highly reliable and lean software helps our customers to manage their fleet with ease. With easy and straight forward pricing and setup, Shipox makes it very easy to start your operations in distribution. Managing fleet become easier with Shipox.

Furkan U./CTO Logistics and Supply Chain

I can have all the orders controlled and have captures of proof of delivery that makes my work more real without malicious people being able to say that I do not deliver the address and affect my job.

Azmat A. Delivery Management

I recommend Shipox DMS for the delivery companies. Overall, it is easy and clear to use in logistics systems.

Michelle Yeoh Restaurant Manager

Functionalities. Overall: Easy to use, it hardly breaks down inters of bugs or internal server issues and the mobile application is simply amazing.

Oluwafemi A. Logistics Manager

Great DMS system for Logistics company. Overall: - Orders Management - Fast fixes - Integration with local e-commerce platforms - Great customer service agents and sales reps.

Thamer A. IT Engineer

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Zip24 stands at the forefront of technology, delivering advanced SaaS solutions tailored for supply chain and delivery management. Although cloud-based solutions are prevalent across various business sectors, Zip24 has innovated their application within the logistics and supply chain arena, marking significant achievements.

This innovation is underscored by the company’s recent milestone of raising $1.2 million in funding to fuel its growth. Positioned as a pivotal tech enabler in supply chain operations, Zip24 is dedicated to leading the charge in supply chain technology innovation.

Zip24 presents two innovative SaaS solutions, Shipox and Storfox, designed to enhance efficiency and optimize logistics processes.

Shipox delivers an all-encompassing Delivery Management Software (DMS) system, facilitating smoother logistics by improving dispatch processes, shipment management, vehicle tracking, and route planning.

Conversely, Storfox is a specialized cloud-based fulfillment platform ideal for e-commerce entities, as well as second-party (2PL) and third-party logistics (3PL) firms. It comprehensively manages the supply chain and inventory, spanning from the receipt of shipments to the tracking of deliveries.

As a SaaS provider, Zip24.com offers a range of subscription packages tailored to meet the needs of businesses of all types. Our plans are designed for flexibility and convenience, ensuring customers have access to essential features for their operations. For detailed information, please visit our pricing page.

While we strive to respond to your queries as soon as possible, please allow us 24 hours to get back to you.