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What is zip24?

Zip24 employs a Software-as-a-Service model focusing on a cloud-based system for service delivery. This method has not been new to the market in a lot of fields i.e. business and entertainment, etc.. Employed by a Logistics Saas Technology company, Zip24, it has reached new heights which can be measured via its ability to raise $1.2 million funding for expansion. Zip24 seeks to become a leading Logistics Technology enabler. 

What are zip24 solutions?

Zip24’s Shipox and Storfox solutions enable the clients to save substantial revenues that would otherwise be lost to expensive delivery and fulfillment services providers.

Shipox provides users with a complete delivery management software (DMS) solution that digitalizes all logistics operations like dispatching, shipments, vehicle tracking, and route planning. 

Storfox is a cloud-based fulfillment engine providing the ultimate solution to e-commerce/2PL/3PL companies for their inventory and supply chain fulfillment functions from receiving the shipments to their delivery monitoring.  

What is a delivery management service (DMS)?

A delivery management service ensures the smooth and safe delivery of your packages from the warehouse to your customer’s doorstep with utmost care during the shipping process.

Why integrate with the zip24 solution? 

Zip24 is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) start-up which provides smooth operations management for growing e-commerce brands in today’s fast paced world. It enables the clients to save substantial revenues that would otherwise be lost to expensive delivery and fulfillment services providers. It has changed the shipment delivery fulfillment due to its easy to use, deployable and acute monitoring systems for the clients for the merchants, retailers, logistics, FMCG companies, and restaurants. Integrating with zip24 solution is the future of Logistics based operation in the business world.

Do you offer a subscription?

No, we don’t support subscriptions. Our model is pay-as-you-go. From a customer’s perspective, it is cost effective, flexible and convenient. Without getting charged on a monthly basis, this method allows minimal barrier to avail the services where they don’t need commitment for a prescribed plan. They pay once and according to their demand for a certain service with no extra strings attached. 

Does Shipox support live tracking? 

Yes, all orders are trackable via a Dashboard that’s provided to the client. They can make changes according to their needs and requirements.

Can I do bulk uploads with zip24 solutions? 

Yes, both Shipox & Storfox support bulk upload for your historic data.

How many resources are needed to manage Shipox & Storfox?

Zip24 Saas solutions support end-to-end automation, allowing you to focus on business by optimizing resources, cost and getting stuck with day to day operational concerns. Further details can be found at our Shipox and Storfox pages.  

Can a delivery personnel be in contact with the client?

Yes, the delivery personnel can be in contact with the client. zip24’s communication module supports SMS, WhatsApp, Telegram, Email & Push Notifications.

How quickly do you respond to queries?

We offer 24/7 support, 

Do you offer a trial before a contract?

Yes, we offer a 15 days free trial.

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