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Flexible Dashboard Customization

Shape Your View: Tailor your dashboard to your world. Customize, adapt, and view what matters most. With Shipox, your logistics dashboard becomes a mirror to your efficiency.

Full Features and Customization

Craft Your Control: Dive into a sea of features and steer your logistics with precision. Shipox gives you the wheel—customize your journey down to the last detail.

Multi-Device Synchronization

Sync Your Success: Whether in the office or on the move, keep your operations in harmony. Shipox ensures your logistics pulse beats in unison, across every device.

Core Product Features

Elevate your delivery operations with Shipox’s unparalleled precision tracking tools. Gain full visibility into every step of your delivery process.

Chart the course for success with our Driver App, your virtual co-pilot for pinpoint navigation and on-the-spot delivery confirmation. Delight customers with progress updates as you turn every corner, right up to their doorstep.

Unlock the power of your delivery data. Our Heat Map Analytics shine a light on the busiest zones, guiding you to smartly allocate resources and carve out the most cost-effective routes.

Elevate your fleet's symphony with our Real-Time Tracking. Watch as every vehicle and delivery personnel becomes a note in the melody of operational excellence, harmonizing your fleet to the rhythm of customer satisfaction.

Reflect the essence of your brand with our Custom White Label App. Seamless integration with your visual identity, it's your logistics platform, re-imagined and maintained with the utmost care.

Transform data into decisions. Our Dashboard Analytics give you the eagle-eye view of your delivery ecosystem, tracking every parcel's journey and ensuring that every delivery hits the mark, first time, every time.


Navigate the financial flow with our COD Management solution. From order inception to final handshake, track every transaction with finesse, ensuring secure, seamless financial exchanges at every delivery point.

Intuitive UI & Dashboards

Explore the visual elegance and operational robustness of Shipox through our curated selection of software UI. Experience firsthand how every click, swipe, and tap brings you closer to logistics mastery.

Delivery Management Like Never Before

Shipox brings you a clean, intuitive interface designed for clarity and speed. Dive into logistics management where complexity meets simplicity. 

Intelligent & Dynamic Route Optimization

Paths Reimagined: With Shipox, say goodbye to inefficient routes. Our dynamic route optimization reshapes how deliveries reach their destination. Save time, reduce costs, and maximize customer happiness.

Complete Tracking & Visibility

See Everything, Miss Nothing: Shipox elevates your logistics with unmatched tracking and visibility. From the first mile to last, monitor every parcel's journey with precision and real-time tracking.

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I can have all the orders controlled and have captures of proof of delivery that makes my work more real without malicious people being able to say that I do not deliver the address and affect my job.

Jonathan H. Law Students, Restaurants.

Functionalities. Overall: Easy to use, it hardly breaks down inters of bugs or internal server issues and the mobile application is simply amazing.

Oluwafemi A. Logistics Manager. Logistics and Supply Chain.

Great DMS system for Logistics company. Overall: - Orders Management - Fast fixes - Integration with local e-commerce platforms - Great customer service agents and sales reps

Thamer A. IT Engineer, Logistics and Supply Chain

I recommend Shipox DMS for the delivery companies. Overall: It is very easy and clear to use in Logistic systems.

Azamat A. CEO.Logistics and Supply Chain

Reliable DMS for your fleet. Overall: Shipox with its highly reliable and lean software helps our customers to manage their fleet with ease. With easy and straight forward pricing and setup Shipox makes it very easy to start your operations in distribution. Managing Fleet become easier with Shipox.

Furkan U. CTO, Logistics and Supply Chain

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Shipox is a comprehensive delivery management system designed to streamline your delivery operations with innovative tracking and optimization features.

Shipox boosts efficiency through features like intelligent & dynamic route optimization, ensuring timely deliveries, cost reduction, and increased customer satisfaction.

Yes, Shipox seamlessly integrates with various e-commerce and logistics platforms, providing a unified approach to manage all your delivery needs efficiently.

Absolutely! Shipox is adaptable for businesses of any size, offering scalable solutions to meet the dynamic needs of startups, SMEs, and large enterprises alike.