Empowering Your Deliveries: Unrivaled Precision with Our Tracking Apps 

Customer App:

Take command of your deliveries with our state-of-the-art Customer App. Effortlessly track your parcels in real-time, receiving instant updates on their current status, location, and estimated arrival time. Our user-friendly app ensures a seamless delivery experience, offering customizable preferences and timely notifications for key events. Gain unparalleled visibility into your orders, turning uncertainty into clarity.

Driver App:

Supercharge your delivery fleet with our advanced Driver App. Equip your drivers with a robust tool that optimizes routes, ensures on-time deliveries, and enhances overall operational efficiency. Real-time navigation guides drivers through the most efficient paths, while dynamic re-routing features adapt to changes on the road. With electronic Proof of Delivery (POD) capture and rejection documentation, our app streamlines the delivery process for efficient, paperless operations.

Ready To Elevate Your Logistics With Shipox?

Say farewell to the headaches of traditional delivery management and hello to seamless efficiency. Shipox isn’t just a platform; it’s your gateway to a streamlined, more productive future in logistics.


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Shipox is a comprehensive delivery management system designed to streamline your delivery operations with innovative tracking and optimization features.

Shipox boosts efficiency through features like intelligent & dynamic route optimization, ensuring timely deliveries, cost reduction, and increased customer satisfaction.

Yes, Shipox seamlessly integrates with various e-commerce and logistics platforms, providing a unified approach to manage all your delivery needs efficiently.

Absolutely! Shipox is adaptable for businesses of any size, offering scalable solutions to meet the dynamic needs of startups, SMEs, and large enterprises alike.