Pharmacy and Medical Diagnostics Delivery System

Real-time Medication and Diagnostic Supply Tracking

Take command of your medical deliveries. Track pharmaceuticals, medical supplies, and diagnostic materials in real time, ensuring a seamless flow from distribution centers to healthcare providers or patients. Provide patients and healthcare professionals with instant updates, instilling confidence in the reliability of your deliveries.


Precision Route Optimization

Elevate your delivery routes with precision. Our intelligent route optimization, tailored for pharmaceutical and diagnostic needs, integrates heat maps, geo-fencing, and auto-driver allocation based on optimal time slots. By considering specific requirements of medical deliveries, such as temperature-sensitive medications, we ensure the most efficient and compliant routes, minimizing costs and maximizing reliability.


Secure Proof of Delivery for Medical Supplies

Eradicate uncertainties with indisputable proof. Capture electronic signatures and delivery photos for secure proof of delivery. Time-stamped photos and digital signatures mitigate risks, ensuring the safe and accountable delivery of critical medical supplies, medications, and diagnostic samples.


Ready To Elevate Your Logistics With Shipox?

Say farewell to the headaches of traditional delivery management and hello to seamless efficiency. Shipox isn’t just a platform; it’s your gateway to a streamlined, more productive future in logistics.

Why Use Shipox?

Streamlined Deliveries

Simplify operations with intuitive platform navigation.

Optimized Efficiency

Reduce costs and save time with smart route planning.

24/7 Accessibility

Manage your logistics anytime, anywhere, effortlessly


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Shipox is a comprehensive delivery management system designed to streamline your delivery operations with innovative tracking and optimization features.

Shipox boosts efficiency through features like intelligent & dynamic route optimization, ensuring timely deliveries, cost reduction, and increased customer satisfaction.

Yes, Shipox seamlessly integrates with various e-commerce and logistics platforms, providing a unified approach to manage all your delivery needs efficiently.

Absolutely! Shipox is adaptable for businesses of any size, offering scalable solutions to meet the dynamic needs of startups, SMEs, and large enterprises alike.